5 Signs of Great Copywriting

Great copywriting connects a business with its customers, directly leading to higher conversion rates and a more profitable business.


We’ve broken down five standout signs of great copywriting (there are many more). This post will be valuable for business owners to evaluate the quality of their messaging. It may also be useful to copywriters looking to assess their processes.

The ‘Why’

Why should the reader care? The longer the writing doesn’t address that crucial question, the more readers will lose focus and start reading something else. They’ll begin buying something else, too.

Great copywriters appeal to emotions in their writing. They research the target audience, identify their pain points, and ensure the content focuses on offering solutions.



Storytelling is nothing new. We prefer to think of storytelling as structure. By writing structured and considered content, copywriters will guide readers through the main points, capturing attention and inspiring action.

This point is a reminder that the order of your words is just as important as the meaning. Don’t assume that all readers will consume the same amount. Some may only be interested in the headline and opening paragraph. 

Great copywriting can keep readers engaged with excellent structure and storytelling.


Minimalism is a sign of all good writing. Cut any words that don’t need to be there. As long as the message is clear, everything else can go.


Be Real & Original

In other words, it avoids cliches, jargon, and hyperbole. This example is another in our list that applies to all forms of writing, not only copywriting.

Groundbreaking innovations. Revolutionary products. Ideation. Best practices.

How uninteresting were those words? It’s because they fail to identify anything special or unique. Great copywriting uses authentic and original language that humans use. Some marketers forget that when they’re writing, they’re conversing with another person.

A Consistent Voice

A copywriter must be able to adapt their tone to suit different brands. Each client requires a unique personality and perspective.

How do you feel when you read your brand’s content? Does it reflect your distinct character? Does it speak to your target audience? And is it consistent across all channels?

Great copywriting fully embodies the brand. When engaging with the content, readers connect emotionally with a real personality.


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