API Integration and Web Apps

Offer your users more options and an improved experience.

Our API Integration and Web Apps services combine creative vision and technical talent to craft custom solutions that align with your business goals.

Whether you want to offer customers a frictionless experience, improve your business productivity, or launch new services, our API Integration and Web Apps services are here to make it happen. We understand that modern businesses depend on digital connectivity and functionality. Our expert team of developers can seamlessly integrate diverse APIs into your website and create custom user-focussed web apps with cross-platform functionality that help you succeed online.

Our Process

  1. Discovery

    We begin by learning about your business objectives, target audience, and technical requirements. Our team will work closely with your stakeholders to understand your vision and spec your project.

  2. Strategy

    Based on our findings, we’ll scope out a project plan, outlining a roadmap that aligns with your timeline, budget, and vision. This synchronisation between the plan and vision ensures we work with purpose towards your goals.

  3. Development

    Custom code and digital assets created according to our high standards. Depending on your existing technical ecosystem, we can create custom WP plugins orandor build standalone JS web apps using Vue.js.

  4. Testing and QA

    We follow a strict and meticulous QA and testing process to ensure no bugs, flawless functionality, and excellent user experience. In addition, we ensure our final product embodies the essence of your vision.

  5. Deployment

    This is where we transition your project from the development phase into fully operational. We'll connect our CI/CD pipeline to your existing environment to allow more reactivity and a more efficient process.

  6. Support

    We offer continued support to ensure a smooth and successful launch. Our SLAs guarantee the management and maintenance of your digital products so you can concentrate on what you do best, leaving the technical tasks to us.


Our work with API Integration and Web Apps enhances a business’ functionality and improves experiences.

Here’s how we’ll help you succeed:

  • Seamless Integration

    Our expertise in API integration focuses on creating seamless connections between various systems and applications. We understand the importance of enhanced functionality in business processes, so we prioritise smooth and efficient integration. Our solutions connect flawlessly, leading to a more cohesive and streamlined workflow.

  • Custom Solutions

    Every business has unique needs, and our approach to web application development is centred around creating custom solutions tailored to those specific requirements. We dive deep into understanding business processes, goals, and challenges to develop web applications that are perfectly aligned with the overriding objectives.

  • Scalability and Reliability

    Scalability and reliability are non-negotiable. Our web applications are built with these core principles in mind, ensuring they meet current needs and grow with a business. We emphasise robust architecture and advanced technology that supports increased usage and expanding business operations without compromising performance.

  • Optimising Processes for Productivity Gain

    We focus on automating workflows, streamlining operations, and enhancing data management to improve efficiency and reduce manual work. Our solutions are designed to free up a team's time from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic activities. By optimising processes, we help improve overall business performance.

Case Studies

See some of our work in API Integration and Web Apps.

owenmorton - man work with computer - API integration


A high-performing and professional website for a business investor.

teeling-distillery whisky casks - Digital Services for Tourism

Teeling Distillery

Website redesign, incl. brand evolution, improved UX/UI, e-commerce functionality.

More user options. Better experiences.


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