Custom Websites

Your business is unique – your website needs to be too.

We combine creativity, strategic thinking, and technical expertise to deliver a web solution that looks exceptional and performs with purpose.

Stand out and succeed online with a stunning, user-centric, and fully tailored website. We approach every website with a mission to align your digital presence with your brand personality, business objectives, and target audience. We’ll define your goals together and craft an online experience that generates lasting growth. How? We’ll show you.

Our Process

  1. Discovery

    Through stakeholder interviews, discovery workshop sessions, and competitor research, we define your company’s values, objectives, and market trends. We understand your challenges and will always align our work with your business goals.

  2. Strategy

    The discovery phase informs our strategy. This is where everything starts to come together. We establish a comprehensive digital plan that aligns all channels and touchpoints to create a consistent online presence.

  3. Creativity

    We embrace creativity in all parts of the process, from strategy to copywriting, SEO, design, development, and marketing. We will find the right concept to lift your brand identity and facilitate the next phase of your business growth.

  4. UX/UI Design

    We create wireframes and mockups that align with your brand identity, appeal to your target audience, and make you appear exceptional in the competitive digital landscape. Your website will prioritise the user experience, making the vital content easy to find and optimised for conversions.

  5. SEO

    We understand the importance of visibility. Our thorough research identifies relevant keywords, user behaviour, and competitor strategies. We then create an SEO roadmap to ensure your website ranks high, driving organic traffic to your business.

  6. Copywriting

    We craft persuasive and engaging SEO-optimised content that reflects your brand values, resonates with your audience, and converts. Every line is written with purpose to maximise its impact on users and search engines.

  7. Development

    Your website will be optimised for all devices, scalable for future growth, and technically perfect, including loading speed, high security, browser compatibility, and everything your website needs to perform to our exceptional standards.

  8. Testing and QA

    After bringing the design to life through our excellent coding practices, we follow a strict QA and testing process. This process ensures there are no bugs, that the functionality is flawless, and the user experience is excellent.

  9. Launch

    As soon as the website performs to our high creative and technical standards, we'll work closely with your team to ensure a smooth launch. As our aim is to create long-term success for our clients, our involvement doesn't end here.

  10. Support

    Our SLA packages will help you manage and maintain your website: we offer ‘hosting,’ ‘maintenance,’ and ‘performance,’ depending on your needs. We want our custom websites to have the maximum impact on your business.


Our custom websites focus on conversions, unique design, flexibility, and tailored features to achieve your goals.

Here’s how we’ll help you succeed:

  • Tailored Functionality & Features

    Custom websites offer the distinct advantage of tailored functionality and features unique to a business's needs. Unlike template-based solutions, our custom web development allows for creating specific features and integrations that align perfectly with your operational requirements and customer expectations.

  • Distinctive Design

    Our custom website design stands out for its uniqueness and distinctiveness. We craft designs that are visually appealing and distinct to our clients, setting brands apart from the competition. Our custom designs go beyond aesthetics, creating an online presence that embodies a brand's personality and values to make a lasting impression.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Custom websites are built with scalability and flexibility, allowing a brand's online presence to grow and evolve with the business. Unlike templated solutions, our websites can be easily adapted and expanded to meet changing business needs, market trends, and customer behaviours. A powerful and relevant tool for any business, now and in the future.

  • Conversion-Focused

    We understand a website's primary goal is to turn visitors into customers or leads. To achieve this, we create every element of the site with conversion in mind — from user-friendly navigation and compelling call-to-actions to persuasive content and responsive design. Look great, perform exceptionally, enhance online presence, and drive growth.

Case Studies

See some of the custom websites we have made.

barista working at la crema - website created by Webbiz work - website design

La Crema Malta

Custom website, modern visual design, engaging UX and scalability.

curraghmore-house - country side image webbiz digital work

Curraghmore House

Custom website for improved UX with a new integrated booking engine.

What do you choose? Fit in or stand out?

Stand out

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