How Webbiz is Powering Businesses with Cryptocurrency Payment Integration

Looking to accept Bitcoin as a business or other cryptocurrencies alongside cards at check-out? Webbiz can integrate bespoke payment solutions tailored to your business.

Crypto has long been misperceived as an interest only for traders, yet it has rapidly transitioned into a widely accepted payment method across various industries worldwide.

In fact, over 15,000 businesses globally are already offering cryptocurrency options at check-out.

Integrating cryptocurrency payments can keep your business competitive, open up a new demographic of tech-savvy customers and lower your payment processing fees.

From small start-ups to established enterprises, cryptocurrency is creating a crucial turning point in the future of commerce – and getting ahead by offering digital currencies early will set your business apart from the competition.

At Webbiz, our experienced developers are at the forefront of integrating cryptocurrency payment gateways, including industry-leading solutions like  Cryptochill and Zeply. Discover how we’re leading the change toward a digital currency future.

What is a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway?

A cryptocurrency payment gateway, otherwise known as a crypto payment processing provider, facilitates digital currency transactions. It enables merchants to seamlessly accept crypto payments like Bitcoin or Ethereum for goods and services.

At the point of transaction, the payment process acts as an intermediary between the merchant and their customer. It generates a unique cryptocurrency wallet address or QR code, allowing the customer to send the specified amount of cryptocurrency securely. 

Once the transaction is initiated, the payment gateway verifies and processes the payment, providing real-time confirmation to the merchant and the customer.

Webbiz has successfully integrated crypto payment gateways for various businesses across multiple industries, ensuring crypto is possible at check-out while customising the experience to suit the needs and requirements of the business.

Cryptocurrency payment gateway - Webbiz

How do you integrate a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway?

While integration may seem simple, integrating a compatible crypto payment and adapting it to suit your website is not as easy as it might look – and this is where Webbiz can help.

Our developers are experienced in integrating this gateway into any eCommerce system, from renowned platforms like WordPress/WooCommerce, as seen in our successful check-out page, to crafted, custom-made shopping carts utilising technologies such as Laravel/Vue.js, as we did for 

Our developers are also equipped to integrate and adapt with any other framework/CMS, ensuring compatibility and functionality at every point.

While the gateways offer APIs, we can transform those into bespoke solutions tailored to suit you and your business. Our commitment lies in delivering bespoke, adaptable integrations that seamlessly elevate your online presence and empower your business to thrive digitally – in a way that works for you.

Cryptocurrency payment gateway - Webbiz

How does a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Work?

The gateway serves as a bridge between businesses and customers and is essential for welcoming crypto payments.

The process requires a few simple steps:

  • Customers select cryptocurrency as the payment method during checkout.
  • The payment gateway generates an address or QR code.
  • The customer sends cryptocurrency to the address or code.
  • The transaction is verified and confirmed on the cryptocurrency network.
  • Payment gateway notifies merchant and customer of real-time confirmation.
  • Merchant fulfils order or provides service to the customer.
  • Cryptocurrency received may be settled or converted into fiat currency.
  • Payment gateway records transaction details for reporting and record-keeping.

While this process opens up the opportunities of paying with Bitcoin on-chain, the Lightning Network, and other supported digital assets, Webbiz is also revolutionising how to make this process a personalised experience that is unique to your business. 

While integration is simplified using a user-friendly SDK (Software Development Kit) or API (Application Programming Interface), Webbiz takes this one step further by ensuring it’s compatible with every platform and customising the integration with bespoke shopping carts.


What else does integrating a Crypto gateway offer?

When integrating crypto payments for clients, Webbiz offers a one-of-a-kind service that enhances both the front-end and back-end experience. This benefits both the customer and the business.

Integrating crypto gateways offers a range of additional benefits beyond simple payment processing. One key advantage is the customisable dashboard for customers, providing a user-friendly interface to select services or products and complete transactions seamlessly. Customers will be directed to pay through an easy-to-use QR code.

This benefit also improves backend operations. Merchants can streamline operations by efficiently organising bookings, managing orders, and tracking transactions. Whether presenting orders in a digestible format or optimising the booking process for smoother operations, the backend capabilities can be tailored to suit your business needs.


What other features are included?

Besides the main plus that your business will welcome the future of innovation and allow for digital currency payments, a few other key features can make the integration even more desirable. These include:

  • Swift Transfers: Experience lightning-fast transactions and transfers, ensuring seamless and efficient transactions across networks.
  • Scalability at Your Fingertips: Enjoy the freedom of utilising unlimited addresses, eliminating gap limits, and maintaining complete control over your wallets, empowering your business to expand without constraints.
  • Stay Informed, Always: Receive callbacks on all transactions to easily track your financial activities and ensure you’re consistently up-to-date with your finances and transactions.
  • Tailored Solutions: Choose the integration style that suits your needs, from comprehensive full-service integration to quick-to-use “Bitcoin buttons” for swift payments, offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Seamless Currency Exchange: Seamlessly convert your crypto holdings to local currency and vice versa, bridging the gap between old and new money with instant exchanges.
  • Manual or Automatic Conversions: You can convert your coins manually or automatically using an exchange of your choice, ensuring effortless management of your digital assets.

Ready to integrate Crypto payments for your business?

The integration of crypto payments empowers your business to expand payment options, cater to a broader customer base, and capitalise on the growing trend of digital currency adoption—all in a custom way aligned with your business.

At Webbiz, we pride ourselves on pioneering innovative business solutions and recognise the increasing significance of digital currency in the mainstream landscape.

Leveraging our team of highly-skilled developers, we specialise in seamlessly integrating crypto payment solutions in a way that is bespoke to your unique business requirements and branding identity.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to future-proof your business. Contact us today for further details at


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