6 Social Media Tips & Trends Your Business Needs

People aren’t on social media to learn about your products or services. That’s the truth. So here are six social media tips & trends to give your business the best chance.

Although there will be a few exceptions, most of your customers aren’t on social media to learn about your business. They’re there to connect with friends and family, to be entertained or to procrastinate.

We’ve compiled a simple list of social media tips & trends your organisation can follow to succeed on social media.


1. Focus on engagement

You can still implement a social media strategy to increase sales and leads. But balance your ambition to sell with the expectations of each platform.

If you log into Instagram, you expect engaging visuals. Twitter users have traditionally responded well to short, witty posts. LinkedIn is effectively a corporate mutual admiration/appreciation society that steers away from criticism and controversial opinions.

The point is that each platform is unique. To engage, you have to remember why people are there in the first place.

2. Post consistently

Some post daily, others once every week. The exact number of posts doesn’t matter as much as being consistent. Select your ideal amount of posts by estimating how many you can publish while maintaining quality.

It would be better to publish two excellent posts a week than seven average ones. Providing you can guarantee quality, the more, the better.


3. Deliver value to the users

This one is so obvious that it shouldn’t need mentioning, but some companies forget to deliver value to users. It’s true that your social media is about you and your products or services, but think about your readers and viewers. This is true for copywriting, SEO, design, and almost every aspect of a business.

Intend to always deliver value to people and frequently ask yourself, “How can I give the user what they need?” throughout your process.

4. Optimise your account with keywords

Most take the time to include relevant hashtags and keywords in their posts, but this also extends to bios. With a good username that’s consistent across all your platforms, optimising your account bios with keywords will help you remain easy to search for. At the moment, Instagram and Facebook have the best in-app search capabilities.


5. Social is the new search

Younger users are more likely to use social media than search engines. According to Hubspot, “An estimated 40% of Gen Z users now rely on apps like Instagram and TikTok to find everything from lunch spots to answers to life’s big questions.” Optimise your accounts and know that younger users employ social media to discover your business.

6. Expand to more platforms

This is the final point in this post for a reason. It’s better to master one platform than do several poorly. However, the future of social media marketing is the expansion to other platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are currently the most popular channels.

In Hubspot’s social report, almost 45% of marketers plan to start using TikTok for the first time in 2023. Don’t sign up for all at the cost of doing one or two platforms right. Still, bear in mind that the future of social media points to more channels.


Succeed on Social

There is no single truth to social media success. We have concentrated on the essential facts, providing you with a canvas to create a unique social media strategy for your business.

Do the basics right, then experiment. It’s hard to predict which posts will work, but our social media tips & tricks will give you the best chance to succeed on social. If you’re looking for more help with your social media strategy and implementation, contact us today.

Start succeeding on the web. Let’s discuss your project.


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