Customer Demographics Research: Where To Begin?

Customer Demographics Research is one of the first and most essential steps whenever we begin a new project. This is true for new and existing clients.

Knowing where to begin can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this guide that breaks down the main parts of the process.


Customer Demographics Research in 7 Steps

01   Define your objectives by clearly outlining what you aim to achieve through the research. Do you want to understand the demographics of your existing customer base or identify potential new customer segments?

02  Determine the specific market segment you want to focus on. Consider age, gender, location, income level, occupation, and interests. Look at your business’s products or services and consider companies or individuals who would benefit from them


03   Analyze the demographics of your current client base. Review your client records, contact database, or other data sources to identify patterns. Look for common characteristics among your clients, such as age range, industry, company size, and geographic location.

04  Develop a survey or interview questions to collect data from your target market. You can use online survey tools or conduct interviews with a representative sample of your desired demographic. Include questions about their preferences, needs, and challenges related to digital marketing and websites. The idea is to gain deeper insights into your target audience’s behaviour and expectations


05   Research your competitors and identify their target audience. Look for similarities and differences with your agency’s target market. This analysis can help refine your target market and identify potential gaps or niches to focus on.

06   Utilise market research tools and platforms that provide demographic data and insights. Consider using Google Analytics, social media analytics, and market research reports. Doing so will provide valuable information about specific demographics, industry trends, and consumer behaviour.

07   Once you have collected and analyzed the data, evaluate the results. Identify key trends, preferences, and characteristics that can guide your marketing strategies. Refine your target market based on the insights gained, and align your services and messaging accordingly.


Reach Your Target Audience

It’s important to remember that Customer Demographics Research is an ongoing process. As a business grows and evolves, it’s sensible to revisit and update your research. This ensures it remains relevant and effective in reaching your target audience.

Contact us today if you need more assistance regarding Customer Demographics Research. We’d love to help you understand your audience and achieve your goals.

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