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The Brief.

HAYVN, a specialised financial institution focusing on digital assets, approached Webbiz with a critical challenge: they needed a refreshed interim website within a two-week deadline to effectively convert potential new customers at an upcoming event. With a focus on improving user interface (UI) design, navigation, content streamlining, messaging enhancement, and SEO optimisation, we set off on a mission to deliver an optimised scrolling homepage.


The goal was to enhance the brand’s look and feel and convey its two key services with clarity by simplifying the content and tightening the messaging, all while boosting search engine visibility.

HAYVN Mobile Optimisation
delivered fast.

The Approach.

With meticulous planning and swift execution, we tackled each part of the brief to meet expectations.



Enhanced UI Design


While remaining within the scope of HAYVN’s existing brand identity, we elevated the overall UI design with a sleek and intuitive interface. The use of 3D visuals created an immersive impact, while clear calls to action and visually appealing elements were strategically placed to guide users seamlessly through the website. 




Colour palette.
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Refined to attract
and convert.

Strategic streamlining.

Refined Navigation Structure


Recognising that this website’s sole purpose was to convert users quickly and easily, we refined the navigation structure to ensure that all users could digest the relevant information efficiently without being redirected to additional pages. With a scrolling homepage, we facilitate smoother user journeys and increased conversions.



Concise Content and Messaging


Recognising the importance of clarity and conciseness, we ensured the content was carefully curated to convey HAYVN’s unique selling points through concise, valuable messaging. Through keyword optimisation research, we strengthened messaging to guarantee the website was primed for higher search engine rankings and increased organic traffic. Overall, the copy was streamlined and enhanced to establish trust with potential customers and ensure the website resonates with clarity and authenticity.


Hayvn new website webbiz
Streamlined for

The Result.

The collaborative efforts between HAYVN and Webbiz yielded remarkable results:


  • Timely Delivery: Despite the tight deadline, Webbiz successfully delivered the refreshed website within two weeks, ensuring that HAYVN was well-prepared for their event.
  • Elevated User Experience: The revamped UI design and optimised navigation significantly improved user experience, ensuring higher conversion rates.
  • Streamlined Content: By streamlining content and enhancing messaging, we enabled visitors to grasp HAYVN’s offerings quickly, fostering trust and credibility.

Webbiz transformed HAYVN’s website into a powerful tool for attracting and converting potential customers in just two weeks.


By focusing on UI design, navigation, content streamlining, messaging enhancement, and SEO optimisation, the outcome delivered an interim website designed to achieve HAYVN’s objectives. The collaboration between HAYVN and Webbiz exemplifies the impact of strategic web design and development in achieving business goals and driving growth in the digital age.

How we did?

What the Client says.

Our requirement was to get a new website launched within a 2 week period and Webbiz delivered!

Not only are we happy with the design and UX, but working with them was a pleasure. The Webbiz team acknowledged our time-sensitivity for this release and made time to speak with us frequently enough to discuss, iterate and exchange thoughts on the website's design and progress. We really had a clear idea of what we wanted both design and message wise, and the Webbiz team listened to us on this regularly, accommodating our requests.

The website performance has been immediate, with the bounce rate improving by 28% and the overall website engagement stats increasing too!
Greg Garden

Chief Commercial Officer, HAYVN

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