Lighthouse over clift - ireland website created by webbiz - brand_strategy

MCT Irish Tours

A personable and luxury brand and website that focuses on the user-experience.
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The Brief.

MCT Irish Tours is a hospitality company that offers people bespoke tours of Ireland. The MCT brand is all about providing people with an opportunity to experience parts of Ireland they haven’t heard about.

The tours are custom, unique, and luxurious. We needed to deliver a brand and website that reflected all of these core brand characteristics and services. Luxury and sophistication were recurring themes throughout our brand research.

Lighthouse over clift - ireland website created by webbiz - brand_strategy
Personality shines through.

Creating a Luxury Brand and Website.

The brand and website needed to give the customers the feeling that they were part of a unique and luxury online experience. In addition to this, we wanted to spotlight the personality of the founder, Michael Cowell. We felt that this personal touch would contribute to the customer experience, but it was also a necessary decision to accurately represent the MCT brand. Michael is MCT, and his passion for tourism and Ireland is an unignorable USP for the brand.

Our rebrand lifted the colour scheme to luxury, royal shades. The emerald green and gold signifies the heritage and luxurious side of Ireland. Our four-leaf clover shield logo is pregnant with meaningful Irish elements, communicating good fortune and a proud history, which are two messages that MCT benefits from conveying to its customers.

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Colour Palette.
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A high-performing
luxury experience.


We delivered a complete solution for a brand and website that conveys a high standard of luxury with a deep-rooted connection to Ireland. One of the achievements of the website is that it matches Michael’s personality, making the online experience a digital extension of himself.

The website is fully operational and technically perfect too, with an excellent core web vital performance: ~95 on mobile and ~100 on desktop.

Lighthouse over clift - ireland website created by webbiz - brand_strategy

Mobile Solution

Delivering a seamless experience to users across all devices is always a priority at Webbiz. We optimised the mobile design and website performance to cater to the majority of users who access websites through their mobiles.

To achieve this, we identified the key factors that could affect mobile performance, including page loading time, device compatibility, and user experience, before thoroughly analysing the design and enhancing the user experience.

A mobile-friendly website optimised for different screen sizes and resolutions makes it easy for users to navigate and access the information they need, helping to increase bookings for MCT Irish Tours.

How did we do?

What the Client says.

I couldn’t have been more impressed with Webbiz. The team understood what I needed quickly and were thoughtful and proactive throughout every step of the process. Personally, they were a pleasure to work with. Professionally, their hard work and talent were second to none. The result is a luxurious website that I’m proud to call my own.

Michael Cowell

MCT Irish Tours

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