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The Brief.

Curraghmore House is a spectacular tourist location with a rich legacy. The historical estate dates back to 1170 when it was home to the 9th Marquis of Waterford, but that doesn’t mean its website can’t be modern, and that was our mission.

Although we respected many of the fundamental brand elements of Curraghmore House, we had the licence to deliver a brand refresh to ensure the brand matched the new website. The key objective in the client brief was to redesign their outdated website to transform it into a modern and future-proof website.

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Built For The Future.

A Modern Brand and Website.

We lifted the brand colours on the previous site to a deep navy blue and gold colour scheme that highlights the prestigious history of the place. Another element that contributes to the heritage and legacy of Curraghmore House was our serif font choice for the headings. To balance the website and create a necessary modern feel, we selected a sans-serif font for the body text.

From a technical perspective, the front-end optimisation, fully-responsive design and code, and the integration of a booking system brought the historic brand into the present. It wasn’t modernity for the sake of modernity, however. We strategised and created every brand and technical development to increase the revenue of Curraghmore House by attracting more people to the website, engaging them with visually arresting content, guiding them through an online experience, and inspiring them to book.

User Experience Design.
User Experience Design.
Colour Palette.
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Curraghmore House Logo
Guaranteed Performance.


We delivered a custom website with an integrated booking system within WordPress and connected to a backend API. Every element is optimised for high reliability and performance.

The core web vital performance score is 90+ on mobile and ~100 on desktop. We ensured the long-term success of the site through our complete QA checklist, testing tools, and WordPress management.

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Mobile Solution

Delivering a seamless experience to users across all devices is always a priority at Webbiz. We optimised the mobile design and website performance to cater to the majority of users who access websites through their mobiles.

To achieve this, we identified the key factors that could affect mobile performance, including page loading time, device compatibility, and user experience, before thoroughly analysing the design and enhancing the user experience.

A mobile-friendly website optimised for different screen sizes and resolutions makes it easy for users to navigate and access the information they need, helping to increase bookings for Curraghmore House.

How Did We Do?

What the Client says.

Our time working with Webbiz was a pleasure. The team's professionalism, accessibility, and willingness to listen and understand our needs made this process a positive experience. The team's input and advice, often delivered with humour and patience, resulted in us having a website even greater than our expectations. We learned and continue to learn so much from them.
Alan Walsh

Curraghmore House

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