Canal Boat Restaurant

Canal Boat Restaurant

A dine-and-sail experience on Dublin's Grand Canal.
Sailing into a
fresh new look.
UX/UI Design

The Brief.

Canal Boat Restaurant, an onboard dining experience along Dublin’s Grand Canal, aimed to establish a serene and sophisticated online presence that reflected the excellence of its culinary offerings. Our objective was to ensure seamless functionality across desktop and mobile platforms, enhancing navigation and improving the accessibility of their online menu.


Granted full creative autonomy, we reimagined their brand identity, content, and overall online presence, crafting a fresh and distinctive aesthetic for this picturesque dine-and-sail venue.

Canal Boat Restaurant
Sleek aesthetic with
nautical charm.

The Approach.

Our starting point was to inject modernity into Canal Boat Restaurant‘s branding while strengthening its traditional ties to maritime history. We did this by reimagining and updating the logo, colour palette and design details.



Visual Identity Refresh 


We aimed to design a logo that reflects Canal Boat Restaurant’s unique experience and succinctly communicates the brand’s rich heritage. By refining the colour palette, we sought to infuse elegance while honouring the brand’s maritime roots. This nautical theme was seamlessly integrated into the UI design, featuring subtle yet impactful details, such as imagery reminiscent of the iconic windows of a boat.

Colour Palette.
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  • 252 234 208 fcead0
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  • 255 255 255 ffffff
A delicious brand
ready to serve.

Built for bookings.

Restructured Content 


With a diverse range of offerings catering to different audience segments, we crafted individual pages, delivering tailored content to meet the specific needs of each clientele group. This strategic approach ensures Canal Boat Restaurant’s varied offerings are easily accessible to a broad spectrum of customers while enhancing SEO performance. Purposeful calls-to-action were integrated throughout the website to guide visitors toward desired actions and conversions. These touchpoints were meticulously designed to boost user engagement and facilitate seamless interactions.



Online Booking Integration


Recognising the importance of convenience and accessibility, we seamlessly integrated an online booking system into the website. Visitors could now reserve their tables with just a few clicks, enhancing the overall user experience and driving conversions. The streamlined booking process allowed Canal Boat Restaurant to manage reservations and optimise seating capacity efficiently. To further improve accessibility and bookings, we ensured the menu was easy to view on all devices. 

Canal Boat Restaurant's online menu
Accessible Online Menu
Ready to push
the boat out.

The Result.

Through branding, web design, and SEO-backed copywriting, Canal Boat Restaurant welcomed a revamped digital presence that excelled in terms of aesthetics and was equipped to convert. The success was down to a few key areas:


  • Branding: By refreshing the logo, colour palette and design designs, we depicted the brand’s nautical personality while immediately capturing attention and increasing recognisability.
  • Navigation: Through streamlined content, additional pages, and strategic calls-to-action, navigation was massively enhanced to guide visitors through the site seamlessly.
  • Booking Integration: An integrated booking system simplifies customer reservations and streamlines booking management for the business.

In addition to the revamped digital presence, a comprehensive training session was conducted to equip Canal Boat Restaurant’s team with the knowledge and skills to navigate the CMS and backend confidently, empowering them to manage and update the website independently in the future.

Canal Boat Restaurant
Optimised for mobile use
How we did?

What the Client says.

We are delighted with the new website designed and commissioned by Webbiz for our restaurant on the Grand Canal. We found that they have an extensive team with experts in every aspect of web design and digital marketing. Our new site began generating enquiries and leads for us as soon as it was launched, and has already, after just 2 months, resulted in business growth for us.
Mícheál Ó Cionna

Canal Boat Restaurant

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