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Malta Personal Trainer

A fitness brand and website for Malta’s best personal trainers.
This time
it’s personal.
Brand Strategy
Brand Workshop
Business Alignment
Brand Development
UX/UI Design

The Brief.

MPT (Malta Personal Trainer) was a new product offering from the people at UN1T Malta but as a completely separate entity. To launch the business, MPT needed a new brand and website. Increasing the business’s digital presence emerged as a central ambition throughout early stakeholder discussions.


Before focusing on increasing their digital presence, we needed to ensure the foundations of the brand and business were strong. Partnering at such an early stage meant we were required to align the stakeholders on the business objectives of the enterprise before building the brand, name included.

malta personal trainer
A dynamic brand
ready to compete.

Complete Brand, Business, and Digital Success.

Our discovery process included individual stakeholder interviews that addressed industry opportunities, business goals, and the brand’s personality, followed by a brand workshop session to align the team. Group alignment workshops can be extremely practical, often taking only an hour to get the key people together to create a solid and aligned foundation before embarking on a project.


As part of our brand strategy services, we helped the stakeholders develop the business strategy and align on the venture’s immediate and long-term goals. At Webbiz, we consider ourselves accountable for helping our clients achieve their business goals. Our involvement continues beyond delivering a brand and website; we ensure our work leads to success.


Our brand creation package includes assets such as a ‘tone of voice and content guide’ and a separate ‘Target audience expectations’ that list MPT’s core brand values and personality with specific primary and secondary target audience analysis. The visual identity of the new MPT brand aligns with the verbal: positive, inspirational, and approachable while full of purpose, commitment, and confidence. And just like that, the stage was set.





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malta personal trainer
Built to succeed.

A Fresh & Flourishing Website.

The web design and website are a natural and smooth progression from the brand, communicating vibrant positivity and confidence. The scroll animations and page transitions are dynamic, mirroring the active nature of MPT and its industry while engaging the reader’s interest at critical moments throughout the website experience.


We tailored our content to achieve the desired results of getting new people into the studio by creating a localised SEO strategy that appeals to the target audience. Our SEO strategy addressed the local keywords and competitor research, creating a bespoke SEO plan for each website page.


The WordPress website’s technical performance is close to perfect, scoring ~100% on desktop and mobile for performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. Core Web Vitals are essential in maximising conversations and raising a website’s ranking – Google rewards websites that have the highest technical quality.

If a website doesn’t perform well, visitors will lose patience. People lose focus as wait time increases beyond 0.3-3 seconds. Optimising the performance of websites is proven to positively impact business metrics, and that’s why we take it seriously.

Mobile Solution

Delivering a seamless experience to users across all devices is always a priority at Webbiz. We optimised the mobile design and website performance to cater to the majority of users who access websites through their mobiles.


To achieve this, we identified the key factors that could affect mobile performance, including page loading time, device compatibility, and user experience, before thoroughly analysing the design and enhancing the user experience.


A mobile-friendly website optimised for different screen sizes and resolutions allows the brand and content to shine. The ultra-performing website and inspirational, localised messaging encourage people from Malta to visit the fitness studio and reach their peak levels of fitness.

How we did?

What the Client says.

We worked with Webbiz to build the MPT brand from the ground up, complementing while not competing with the other fitness brands in our portfolio. They brought our vision to life and built a powerful website to promote our services. Working with the Webbiz team for a second time has been nothing short of the perfect mix of pleasure and professionalism.
Alexandra Pace

General Manager, MPT

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