An inspiring fitness experience that motivates people to try UN1T Malta.
Working out
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UX/UI Design

The Brief.

UN1T Malta belongs to a global franchise of UN1T fitness studios. The Malta team approached us to create an independent website with better UX and information structure, localised content to accurately reflect their studio, and optimised lead generation to deliver better results.


The challenge was to improve the website without going too far from the established franchise style. Our strong understanding of branding and our in-house SEO and content capabilities positioned us as the ideal partner for this project. Our mission was clear: improve the digital experience and attract new members to the Malta studio.

Raising the bar.

An Inspiring Base for UN1T Malta.

It was crucial that we remained consistent with the overriding UN1T brand identity, but we still addressed the challenge of drastically raising the UX/UI far above the franchise standards. We needed to bring as much personality as possible to the site without breaking the brand.


Our customer demographics research revealed the people we needed to reach with the website: their ability level, preferred ways of working out, common fitness challenges, and how much they would be willing to invest in their health. From then, we based our SEO strategy on keywords such as ‘premium gym facilities,’ ‘elite fitness experience,’ ‘high-end group classes,’ ‘gym in Malta,’ and ‘team-based workouts.’



‘Gym in Malta,’ for example, averages 2900 monthly searches with comparatively low competition. Although UN1T Malta prefers to be referred to as a fitness studio and not a gym, we found opportunities to capitalise on that strong keywords without compromising the brand message. We achieved this by creating custom content to educate the users and present the benefits of training at UN1T over regular gyms.


We identified the local keywords that would attract the primary target audience and incorporated them into our content strategy while maintaining the brand. This highlights the advantages of employing the services of a professional copywriter: the website copy is unique, aligned with an overriding strategy, optimised for SEO, on brand, and designed to convert.


We are also producing continued content for UN1T Malta’s blog and exclusive member material; our content is a natural progression from the website copy, focussing on bringing local members into the studio with relevant material. Our services also extend to promotion, offering social media assistance to further maximise reach and potential.





Colour Palette.
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Better, faster,

Making Gains.

We connected the website to their app, Glofox, creating a link between the digital (the website) and the fitness studio (the app they use for their training). This helps members view UN1T Malta as a complete brand, enjoying a seamless experience when interacting with the brand between the online and physical worlds.


The WordPress website’s technical performance is perfect, scoring 100/100 on desktop and mobile for performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. Core Web Vitals are essential in maximising conversations and raising a website’s ranking – Google rewards websites that have the highest technical quality.


If a website doesn’t perform well, visitors will lose patience. People lose focus as wait time increases beyond 0.3-3 seconds. Optimising the performance of websites is proven to positively impact business metrics, and that’s why we take it seriously.

Mobile Solution

Delivering a seamless experience to users across all devices is always a priority at Webbiz. We optimised the mobile design and website performance to cater to the majority of users who access websites through their mobiles.


To achieve this, we identified the key factors that could affect mobile performance, including page loading time, device compatibility, and user experience, before thoroughly analysing the design and enhancing the user experience.


A mobile-friendly website optimised for different screen sizes and resolutions makes it easy for users to navigate the content. The ultra-performing website and inspirational, localised content is already bringing UN1T Malta an upswing in new members.

How we did?

What the Client says.

Working with the Webbiz team has been a fantastic collaborative process and I am extremely impressed by the entire highly-skilled team. They embraced the challenge to create a strong and successful web presence for UN1T Malta that is both dynamic, as well as in sync with the global franchise identity. We are very proud of our new website, which is already proving to be a very strong marketing tool for drawing new members into the studio. We have employed the team to continue creating for us, first our blog and exclusive content, and a lot more work to come. They’re a pleasure to work with, and they deliver on their promises. I couldn’t have asked for more.
Alexandra Pace

General Manager, UN1T Malta

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