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How SEO Unlocked Organic Conversions and Visitors for Seasonal Business
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The Brief.

Real Adventures Connemara specialises in delivering action-packed experiences set against breathtaking landscapes. Situated in Clifden, County Galway, this company offers various outdoor activities, from abseiling to surfing, that cater to adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
It’s only deserving that their adrenaline-fuelled experiences are backed by the digital power to attract users to their site and encourage them to click and book.

To do this, we initiated and implemented an SEO Strategy to boost their visibility, upgrade their presence and drive revenue. Furthermore, our efforts were directed towards enhancing page speed, refining lead tracking methods, and executing a seamless migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 for improved data analytics and insights.

+ 53 %
Uplift in Conversion Rate
+ 45 %
Uplift in Organic Visitors

The Challenge.

As Real Adventures is a seasonal business, SEO efforts must be timed and adjusted to capture the right audience during the peak season and maintain visibility during the off-season.

On top of this, during these peak seasons, Real Adventures faces increasingly intense competition, making it harder to rank prominently in search results. SEO strategies need to be particularly robust to stand out.

Finally, we could only go by the insights of the previous year’s results instead of the months leading up to our strategy implementation. This can be challenging as search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, insisting on a need to regularly adjust their SEO strategies accordingly. We initiated the project just before the summer season, creating urgency to implement optimisations swiftly and preserve the client’s market value during peak profitability.







Plan of

Our Strategy.

During the first month, we focused on shaping and sharpening the site’s existing SEO structure. Through identifying the website’s current pain points and examining what the target audience is searching for, we used keyword integration to strengthen website content, enhance meta descriptions and optimise SEO text on pages. At Webbiz, we believe SEO must be a foundational part of any lead generation strategy. As such, we started with thorough keyword research, scanning the significant competitors in the country to develop a system designed to generate results. Then, we smoothly shift into monitoring months to maintain momentum.

Webbiz’s unique approach accelerates results by performing the heavy lifting during the first month and utilising the following months for monitoring and correcting. This strategy avoids the wait often associated with other SEO plans in the industry, in which the work is performed slowly over a longer period. SEO is a long-term journey, but our strong start ensures quicker and superior outcomes. During the consecutive months, we have also created routine backlinks cleanse and monitoring of technical aspects of the website. This is targeted towards continuously improving the site’s health and authority score.



Races Ahead

Business Growth.

In just five months, Real Adventures outpaced competitors on the positioning map, gaining market share in its niche and rivaling DiscoverIreland – the official Irish tourism website, with visibility overtaking by a 3% touch-point.

Our high-quality SEO content also earned us featured snippets – Google’s way of recognising a website as the best source of information for user queries – which outperformed paid results on SERPs, leading to a significant increase in organic traffic.

The site managed to gain traffic from non-branded keywords related to their most relevant services, like Coasteering (position 1), Kayaking ( Position 2), and Hiking (position 4). These keywords have improved their traffic and, in some queries, are displacing the Irish National Board of Tourism from the first position.

A Real

SEO Results Between Summer 22-23.

Organic and direct traffic grew substantially in the summer of 2023, while paid acquisition stopped. The increased organic traffic saved the client money as they could significantly reduce their paid advertising spend – confidently knowing that the in-place SEO strategy would drive traffic and leads.

There is also a significant growth in organic engagement that developed in more leads and opportunities. The site also increases each month’s SERP compared to direct customers inside the Irish Adventure Tourism Market.


+ 49 %
Total Number of Users
The number of new customers has increased.
+ 92 %
Engaged Sessions
The bounce rate has drastically decreased.
+ 31 %
Organic Return Rate
Visitors are returning to the website at a later date.

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