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Website redesign to bring a luxury showroom experience to life online.
Creating a digital
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The Brief.

Satariano, a luxury home decor brand based in Malta, boasts 125 years of experience in the interior design industry. Their showroom has become a coveted destination for homeowners, designers, and architects.


Seeking to translate their premium in-store experience to the digital realm, Satariano enlisted our team to revamp their website with a luxurious and sleek makeover.


The primary objective was to attract visitors to their brand and highlight the impressive appeal of their showroom through a captivating catalog website.

Setting the

The Approach.

We started by creating a moodboard to establish the aesthetic vision for Satariano’s new digital presence. Our goal was to craft a new look and feel that was both impactful and aligned with the brand, ensuring it provided a competitive advantage. Following this, we commenced work on both the design and development phases.


Content Optimisation and Imagery


Our approach involved optimizing and reorganising the website content to enhance user experience and engagement. We carefully selected imagery to reflect the luxury and sophistication of Satariano’s physical spaces, ensuring that the visual presentation online mirrored the elegance of their showrooms.



Colour Palette.
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satariano-e-commerce-website design
It's all in
the details.

Elevating the user journey.

Technical Enhancements and E-commerce Navigation


From a technical perspective, we developed a custom build for the site. This included creating a seamless ecommerce navigation system. This strategy not only improved the online presentation but also enhanced the site’s performance, aligning their digital presence more closely with the allure of their physical showroom.


Personalised Features


As a catalog website, it was crucial to offer users compelling reasons to return to the site. To achieve this goal, we introduced a personalised ‘Wishlist’ feature. This addition enables visitors to save their favorite items, providing them with the convenience of accessing their selections for future reference, and during their next in-store visit. By incorporating this feature, Satariano’s website serves as the initial step in the user journey, providing customers with a platform to explore and bookmark their preferred pieces before making an in-store purchase.

Mobile Solution

At Webbiz, delivering a seamless experience across all devices is a top priority. We optimised Satariano’s mobile design and website performance to accommodate the majority of users who access websites through their mobile devices.


To achieve this, we identified key factors affecting mobile performance, such as page loading time, device compatibility, and overall user experience. We then thoroughly analysed these elements to enhance the mobile user experience.


The result is a mobile-friendly website optimised for various screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring easy navigation for users. This ultra-performing website, combined with inspirational  content, is already driving increased engagement and new customer visits for Satariano.

Polished to

The Result.

The results for Satariano’s website were remarkable. The revamped online presence successfully encapsulated the essence of their physical showroom, offering a seamless transition between the two experiences.

This cohesive integration not only enhanced brand perception but also served as a significant additional revenue stream. The website effectively attracted new customers and engaged existing ones, driving both online sales and in-store visits.

Satariano’s online presence now seamlessly reflects the stunning aesthetics of their iconic brick-and-mortar store.

How we did?

What the Client says.

The Satariano website badly need an overhaul and we were very keen to make our online experience as close as possible to our real life showroom.

We were delighted to be working with the talented team at Webbiz who made the whole process so easy for us and they have produced an exceptional site that conveys our luxury premium feel beautifully.

We have been continuously impressed with their creativity and design flair, but also their development capability. We are delighted with the end product and absolutely delighted to recommend Webbiz for similar projects.
Veronica Muscat

Managing Director, Satariano

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